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Love story of our Saimeng Logo

In the year of 1999, he officially entered the university campus. Because he has a deep love in outdoor sports, he participated in the climbing club. His name is S.

Once in a rock climbing activity, she accidentally fell off the climbing board. Right at that moment, he took her hand. She called M.

The two strangers got to know each other after that accident. In order to commemorate their first encounter, they embroidered a ‘HAND-IN-HAND’ logo on their outdoor equipment.

Time flies, it came to graduation. He was going to propose her marriage by taking the advantage of a rock climbing opportunity. Because he was going to surprise her, he went down in advance to prepare.


He was accompanied with her and took care of her day and night. And also he deeply felt guilty for her.

While one day, One day, he couldn't find her anymore when he went to the hospital. Maybe the whole family went to another city or immigrated abroad to treat her. But he didn’t know.

He was extremely guilty and spent three years traveling all over China where he could climb. Finally, he never found her.

He returned to his family business and changed the company logo to the original “HAND-IN-HAND” pattern. The company name was changed to SAIMENG.

He wanted to sell the product to the whole world, even if she is now abroad, she will see this pattern one day. S wants to know whether M had forgave him or not? S wants to say, MISS YOU, M!


We started from here...


In 1992, ZHENGHUA Company was established as a subsidiary JUHUA Group, mainly responsible for group workshop equipment.


In 2006, it officially changed its name to SAIMENG, and started export business.


In 2008, left the JUHUA Group and became an independent company. The business expanded to dental products.


Become a member of China's grinding industry.


Completed the transformation of the production lines into full CNC machine lines.

Joined Alibaba


Introduced American welding technology and heat treatment and cutting technology from Brazil.


In 2014, the company established two independent factories, industrial grinding and fine grinding.


2019, We will be better.

Now our business keeps expanding...


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