Tungsten Carbide Burr Basics

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Your needs in grinding, removal of sharp edges, shaping, and cutting can be possible with a carbide rotary burr, which can remove other excess edges removed.

carbide burr

Tungsten carbide burr does not leave you with these few opportunities. In fact, all your needs for cutting of holes with metal and holes drilling can only be achieved with carbide drill or a carbide end mill. However, to carve your stone the best option will be the diamond burr.

Well, for the best operation, purchasing tungsten carbide burr from reputable manufacture is the most recommended option for the best production experience. 

Materials You Can Use Tungsten Carbide Burrs On

There is almost no limit to the materials tungsten carbide burr can be used on. It can be materials ranging from steel, aluminum, cast iron, and even metals. 

All kinds of woods are not left out as tungsten carbide burr will fit in, in cutting and shaping of plastics, acrylics, and fiberglass. 

Soft metals like silver, gold, and platinum are not exempted as carbide burrs will give it a fitting shape with no cracks or cut edges. 

Obviously, you will love to look down and see the materials carbide burrs can be successfully used on such as:

Fibre glass

Brass, Cooper, and Bronze





Gold, Platinum, and silver


Cast Iron



Stainless steel, Steel and carbon steel

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CRP), plastic, Glass fiber reinforced

Interestingly, tungsten carbide burr comes with several sizes of cut which will be suitable for any material. 

What Do You Use Carbide Burrs In?

Tungsten carbide burr can be applied on air tools such as pneumatic rotary tools, high-speed engravers, and die grinders. 

Pendant drills, hobby rotary tools, and micro motors like Dremel are not left out. 

Who Uses Carbide Burrs?

All those that deal in tool making, engineering either model engineering, Jewellery making, welding, casting, deburring, wood carving, chamfering, grinding, sculpting can conveniently and easily use carbide burrs without stress

Tungsten Carbide Burr can also be used in automotive, dental, metal sculpting, aerospace, and metal-smith industries. 

Cuts Types of Tungsten Carbide Burrs

A single cut carbide burrs can do the following

Carbide Burrs comes in different cuts which can be used for all sizes of a material such as hardened steel, copper, cast iron, and the likes. 

These various cuts will do smooth work on materials by removing it easily and cleaning up any untidy edges. 

Summary of the single cut performances



Creates long chips


Heavy removal of material


The Double cut Carbide Burrs 

Double cut carbide burrs as the following functions:

It can function in all manner of non- metal materials like wood and plastic. It can also work on ferrous and non- ferrous metals, aluminum, and soft steel. It works with high speed and gives a quick result. 

Double cut can also be called Cross cut or Diamond cut. It gives a neater finishing compared to a single cut. 

However, it tends to be used on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum, and soft steel and also for all non-metal materials such as plastics and wood. They have more cutting edges and will remove material faster. 

In short, Double cut or Diamond cut will give you the following perfect result in



Fine finishing

Create small chips

Medium-light removal of material

Smooth finish

Shank sizes of your carbide burrs

Tungsten carbide burr comes in different shank sizes which will properly fit in your die grinder, micro motors, and others. The working tool normally comes in below shank sizes.

3mm or 1/8

1.6mm or 1/16

6mm or ¼

2.35mm or 3/32.


Tungsten carbide burr presents you with greater opportunities that can help you in your metal and holes drilling.  

Carbide burrs are effective in grinding, removal of sharp edges, shaping, and cutting. It can be used on different and many materials such as steel, aluminum, etc. 

It can be used by people who deal in jobs like engineering, Jewelry making, welding, casting, and the likes.it comes in different shapes of cut and sizes which is suitable for your choice. 

However, sourcing tungsten carbide burr from an experienced manufacturer is the best way to have a seamless operation with these handy tools.


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