Different E-File Bits Explained

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Electric Nail File Bits Explained

Carbide Bits

The carbide bits are made of tungsten carbide (which is 20 times stronger than steel). The carbide bits are meant to be long-lasting and they have flute-like cuts on them.

Actually, These cuts enable the carbide bit to shave the enhancement product off and not scratch it like the diamond bits.

The grid scale is determent by the flutes on the bit, deep and large flutes give you coarse grit, while shallower flutes commonly indicate a finer bit.

Carbide bits are great for advanced users and are ideal for removing acrylics. Carbide bits can be cleaned and sterilized easily.


Ceramic Bits

The great thing about ceramic-coated bits is that they are long-lasting. Like carbide bits, ceramic bits also have flute-like cuts, which help them to shave off the product.

You can find the ceramic bits in several grids such as medium-coarse and fine-coarse. The best thing about ceramic bits is the fact they are intended to reduce heat. Additionally, Ceramic bits can also be cleaned and sterilized.

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Diamond Bits

Diamond bits are typically made of synthetic or natural diamond partials. They are strong and long-lasting. Diamond bits come in a variety of grids from fine to extra coarse.

These bits, unlike ceramic and carbide bits, scratch the material off the nails instead of shaving it off. Sometimes, this can be a disadvantage.

Low-cost diamond bits may remove the product unevenly. However, you won’t have this problem with higher-priced diamond bits, which are often of higher quality.

Just like ceramic and carbide bits diamond bits can be cleaned, too.

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