Learn about Different Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

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Carbide burrs are essential for shaping, cutting, and grinding. They can easily remove the excess material and sharp edges. There are diverse types of carbide burr bits readily accessible. One of these types includes the long shank carbide burr. With its help, you can nicely do cutting and modeling. Each type can perform particular tasks.

Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr SF type

Work On Diverse Materials

The tungsten carbide burr bits could be used on diverse materials. These materials incorporate aluminum, acrylics, steel, plastics, fiberglass, and cast iron. Whether it is a soft material or hard, these bits will work correctly on each one. When it comes to the elements like platinum, gold, and silver, then the carbide burr bits are perfect. These bits can last longer than other bits. They neither chip nor break. However, several cuts of the carbide burr bits are suitable for specific materials.


The tungsten carbide burr bits have several uses. They are used in the tools making, engineering, metalwork, jewelry making, wood carving, casting, grinding, head porting, sculpting, and cylinder. 

On the other hand, the double-cut carbide burr bits are used in the automotive, metal sculpting, dental and metalsmith companies.

Diverse Types

Many companies are offering tungsten carbide burr bits in 11 shapes, two cutting forms, and variety of diameters. Due to this reason, it is simple to find the bits according to the task and die grinder. The assortment of the right cutting edge for amazing carbide burr performance is imperative. At present, we are going to explain below some of the carbide burr bits. Have a look:

•Fluted long shank carbide burr – It is ideal for the non-ferrous plastics and metals. They are recognized as code 3.

•Diamond double cut carbide burr – It is perfect for hard metals like titanium. They are recognized as code 6. They make certain quick low vibration cutting on the steels and hard metals.

Advantages of Tungsten Carbide Burrs Bits

There are different advantages to these bits. Some of its advantages are mentioned below:

•They have a long life. They do not wear or tear at all. For that reason, they are cost saving and efficient to use.

•They are mostly used in the long production runs instead of small just because of their dynamic capability.

•When there is a requirement of high stock removal, then these bits could be of great advantage. They can easily remove the high stock in a short period.

•It does not make a difference whether you are using a tough, hard, or soft material; you can use these bits on the material. 

•These bits are multi-purpose for sure. They are not only used for cutting the materials, yet you can use them for deburring, molding, forgings, and dies. Many companies are using them for finishing the materials. They can give proper shape, and finishing looks to the materials. 

Final Words

The above explanation must have clear your mind about the tungsten carbide burr bits. After knowing about their types, uses, and on which materials you can use them, you can efficiently make the most of them.


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