What are Tungsten Carbide Burrs Used for?

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Tungsten carbide burrs are heavily used for grinding, shaping, cutting and removal of burrs, sharp edges, and excessive materials from any surface. Tungsten carbide burrs can be used on different materials like steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, aluminium and many more.

The process of removing extra material from any surface or edges of the surface is called deburring. As mentioned, tungsten carbide burrs are used for the deburring procedure, and the tool used for this process is the carbide deburring tool. The deburring tool is available in different specifications as per the requirement. The deburring tool has a sturdy construction and high tensile strength.

Mostly different companies use the deburring tool to quickly repair the damaged bolts and also to fix the nuts in their original place so time and money can be saved. The burring tool helps in the repairing procedure and also helps in reducing the repair time. The tool also saves the user from replacing rare products which can be fixed easily by removing the excessive part. The deburring tool is available in different sizes, and all of the sizes are easy to carry in a bag or a pouch. An important part of the tool is carbide deburring bits. These deburring bits are easier to use than the whole tool. These bits are just like a bolt or a nut.  You will need to fix these bits at the front of your hand drill and can start the repairing procedure.

Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr SM type

I want to mention another important part of the deburring tool, and that is a carbide rotary burr. The rotary type of carbide burr is used in grinding procedure. The carbide burrs are tested for safety and robustness. The rotary burrs are used for removal of high materials. The burrs can be effectively used on different materials like stainless steel, hard steel, copper, brass, mild steel, aluminium, wood, plastic, fibreglass, etc.

The operational procedure of this carbide burrs is very simple. You will need to operate the drill bit on the lowest speed possible. A point to note here is that while using carbide burrs, you' ll need to apply slight pressure on the surface of the material to have efficiency. The proper method of using the layer is by shearing each layer of material one by one. The burrs should be used with slow speed, and it should care that unnecessary cutting is avoided. The tool is not designed specifically for cutting purposes. But it is instead designed for the removal of the excessive and unwanted portion from different surfaces. Further; the surface on which the tool needs to be applied should be protected from oil or any other lubricant to have the best results.

As the carbide burrs are a human-made thing, mostly prepared without computer help, it is recommended that a slight difference of 1-2 cm can appear during the deburring procedure. So, you should take an opinion from the experts who will guide you about the proper usage of the tool as per your requirement.


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