Samples for Testing to Turkey Are Ready for Shipment

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After long-time communication, customers from Turkey decided to choose SAIMENG samples for testing. Thank you for choosing SAIMENG Tools, the sample carbide bur dental has already been sent to Turkey.

hp carbide burrs


At first, customer from Turkey found our company’s website and browsed all our products and company profile. They showed strong interest in our company and dental carbide burs and inquired many questions in detail. After few days’ online communication, they began to trust us and decided to try some samples for testing. 

We have cooperated with many companies till now and they all give our products good comments. We sincerely welcome more customers enquiry about our products. You can also contact us and inquiry us about the types of dental burs and uses. It’s our pleasure to help you solve your confusion and make you learn more about our products.


SAIMENG offers high-quality dental carbide bursat competitive price. Dental Carbide Burs (Dental Carbide Burrs), also called tungsten cutter for dental or laboratory carbide burs. Our carbide burs are manufactured with premium designed tungsten carbide blades and stainless steel shank, provide faster and smoother cuttingand make our products as high-quality as SS White.


SAIMENG always focus on quality and try our best to meet your requirements. Welcome to choose us! SAIMENG, your carbide burr manufacturer choice! We will do our best to provide you with all the service support.


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