The Goods Destined for INDIA Are Ready!

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Congratulations! carbide burrs of Saimeng were shipped to India in December 2019.


Customer from India found us and inquired about our products in details. Our salesman answered all the questions and solved customers’ problems. Finally, customer from India decided to place an order from us because of our company’s sincere attitude and professional skills and products. After long-time communication and negotiation, customers from India finally chose Saimeng as tungsten carbide rotary burr supplier.

carbide burrs

In the past few days, our technicians are also checked our products to ensure that our products will maintain its best condition when it arrives in India. We are also very grateful to our hard-working staff for their support of this export plan. We packed the tungsten carbide rotary burrs as soon as the customer ordered our products so that our customers will receive the in shortest time.

Saimeng will always focus on quality and try our best to meet your requirements. Welcome to choose us!

We will provide technical support and 24-hour online email reply. Different purchase suggestions are provided according to customers’ work requirements Special customized products suggestions are provided according to customers’ special working environment and work requirements.


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