Top 5 Types of Burs Used In Dentistry

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Different burs are present in the market. These burs are used for grinding, cutting, sharping, and removing sharp edges. Diverse burs can be used on diverse materials like wood, steel, aluminum, zinc, and others.

Dental Carbide Burs

When it comes to dentistry, then there are only five types of burs that are useful. Each of these burs has its own capacity and durability. The demand for these burs is continuously on the rise like HP carbide bur. The manufacturers are producing and providing these burs on a large scale, specifically for the field of dentistry. Just now, we are going to explain these five types of burs.

1.Diamond burs

Diamond burs are commonly used for cutting down the porcelain and polishing the teeth. These burs provide smooth and fast cutting of the porcelain used to polish the teeth. The burs with fine-grit can do the polishing of the teeth rapidly. These burs are excellent for precise and delicate work due to which they are used in the field of dentistry. The best thing about these burs is that they are durable and last longer than the others.

2. Carbide burs

The carbide burs are also known as dental carbide. These burs are of great advantage. They are used to remove the old fillings, prepare cavities for the new fillings, and to shape up the teeth. These burs leave the smooth surface as compared to the diamond burs.

The tungsten carbide burs in dentistry do not vibrate too much like other burs. Due to this reason, the patients do not feel uncomfortable. These burs are designed according to the ISO standards due to which it is allowed for use in dentistry.

If you want to purchase these burs, then you should check the best carbide bur manufacturers. Many manufacturers do not provide quality burs which can lead to serious mouth injuries if used in dentistry. Therefore, it is imperative to get these burs from the popular and reliable manufacturers.

3. Steel Burs

When it comes to remove the dentin and prepare the cavity, then the steel burs are used around the globe by the dentists. These burs have a high speed and provide abrasion resistance. They are able to provide edge retention when they are joined with the carbides. These burs are flexible and not so hard to maintain at all. Nevertheless, they chip away or become dull with the passage of time.

4. Ceramic burs

These burs are used for adjusting the new teeth into the mouth. It does not conduct too much heat like the other dental burs. For that reason, it is easy to manage and adjust the new teeth into the mouth. These burs are also good for adjusting the tooth bridges. The ceramic burs are perfectly fine to use for delicate dental work.

5. Cross-cut tapered fissure burs

For sharping, cutting and removing hard debris from the teeth, the dentists make use of these burs. In addition, these burs are excellent to use for reducing the crowns height. The dentists can easily make teeth sections with the help of these burs.


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