Tungsten Carbide Burs VS Diamond Burs, Which One Is Your Best Choice?

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Burs are used in a variety of different industries for finishing purposes. They are used in the dental industry to put final shape and also some minor details on dental restorations. Whereas, in the manufacturing industry, metal burs are used deburring hard materials such as ceramics, steels, stones and some soft materfials such as plastic and hardwood. In this article, a brief comparison will be done between carbide burs and diamond burs to establish which material is the best choice.

Diamond Bur

The most common FG tungsten carbide has a longer life in comparison to other material, so this allows them to run for a longer time in production. They also have a high stock removal rate, so this makes it compatible with high production, and they are suitable to be used on many hard and tough materials. Tungsten carbide burs vs diamond burs can both be used for deburring, finishing, smoothing and shaping the process. Tungsten carbide burs are more resistant to high temperatures, so this allows them to run for a longer period of time as compared to other materials. Diamond burs are more useful for carving into stone as compared to tungsten carbide burs, so the main choice for selection of material is dependent on the application. It is not recommended to keep the carbide burs still for a long period of time as it prevents the bur from digging or jabbing in the material, which leads to unwanted scratches on the material. The manufacturers of burs explicitly warn the clients to use nominal pressure on burs during its operation as too much pressure leads to chipping of the work tool, which consequently shortens the life of the tool. There are many tungsten carbide burs dental option as compared to diamond, so this allows a range of products to choose from depending on the process. Diamond is a harder material than tungsten carbide, but that just limits the functionality of diamond burs for different processes.

As per the comparison that was done in the preceding paragraph, it has been established that the choice of material for bur is wholly dependent on the type of process. However, tungsten carbide burs are more versatile, so they are a better choice in the dental or the manufacturing industry.


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