Tungsten Carbide Dental Burs

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If your work requires a perfect tool that cut hard surfaces with high-speed, then Tungsten Carbide Dental Burr is the solution. 

Tungsten Carbide Dental Burs

The Tungsten Carbide burrs are ideal tools for grinding, shaping, cutting, and removal of edges perfectly. 

Tungsten carbide burrs are used on materials such as plastics, aluminum and cast iron, steel, all kinds of wood, acrylics, and fiberglass. 

Besides, soft metals like silver and gold are perfect for this tool and last longer without breaking or chipping.  

Tungsten carbide burrs come in different shapes and sizes for varied applications. To get the best out of Tungsten Carbide Dental Burs, support from a reliable and professional manufacturer is very necessary. 

It will enable you to use the best shape of carbide burrs on the most suitable material. 

Read on as we show you different shapes of Tungsten Carbide burrs and their uses on the best material.

Shapes of Tungsten Carbide Burs and their Use

The requirement of cut determines the shape of the carbide burr you need. These are some of the different shapes that give go into different areas to give you excellent profiles.

Carbide Tree Burs 


The pointed end of the carbide tree burrs has is used to cut difficult areas that are hard to reach as well as contour angles. It has vibration-free performance, and suitable for milling, making concave cuts and rounding off edges.

Carbide Ball Burs


Tungsten Carbide ball burr is used to create concave cuts in materials. We can also use it to hollow out a particular area. It is suitable for intricate carving projects that use carbide ball burrs that have a diameter that is as small as 0.5mm. Metal engravers and stone carvers make use of this carbide to carve burrs in micro motor and high-speed handpiece.

Carbide Inverted Cone Burs


Carbide inverted cone burrs offer better long term performance than a material like High-Speed steel. It is used to cut rear sides chamfering and making V-shape cuts. It also used for grinding operations and stock removal.

Carbide Pointed Cone Burr


Carbide round ball nose burrs are used for finishing areas that are difficult to reach and rounded edges. Besides, it is also good for narrow contours and angles. They are the best choice for long term performance and perform better at high temperatures than High-Speed Steel.

Cylinder Burrs


Tungsten carbide cylinder burrs are used for setting and shaping metals, engraving and carving stones, micro setting, stone, plastics, and grinding. This carbide can be used in a rotatory tool like a flexible shaft, a Dremel, a pendant motor, and a drill press. It perfect are removing materials and creating settings in metals. 

Carbide Oval Burr 


Tungsten carbide burrs have shank of 6mm for easy removal of material, defining and carving metals, wood, and plastics. It's suitable for rounding edges, making concave cuts, and creating textures.

Carbide Flame Burr


Tungsten Carbide flame burr is ideal for shaping and cutting with the sides. The tip is good for gouging out. 

It is used to remove material, define and carve hard substances like ceramic, stone, metal, and hardwood.


Tungsten Carbide Dental Burr is an ideal tool for cutting, shaping, grinding, and removal of edges. 

This high-speed and hard surface tool comes in different shapes and sizes for many applications. 

To get the best out of Tungsten Carbide Dental Burs, support from a reliable and professional manufacturer is very necessary.


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